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Piano Humidity Control | Humidity

Wood swells and shrinks according to the relative humidity of the air around it. Seasonal, and even daily, changes in relative humidity affects wood, pinblock, piano keys, piano action, felt, metal, leather, glue, and piano finishes. These changes in relative humidity affect hundreds of parts and fine adjustments needed to maintain pitch, feel, and quality of tone. Keeping relative humidity around the piano as constant as possible will help it stay in tune longer as well as slow damage such as soundboard cracks, loose tuning pins, and glue joint failures. Call (208) 932-3541 to extend the life of your piano.

Control piano humidity to prevent damage to soundboard, tuning pins, pinblock, loose action screws, delaminate pinblock and bridge.


  • Thanks so much for installing my "Dampp-Chaser". The results have been fabulous! My piano now stays in tune, even through the season changes. It not only saved me some money for tunings, but it also has saved me the aggravation of having to listen to out-of-tune unisons and octaves! ~A satisfied Customer~