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Piano Humidity Control | Regulation

Over 9,000 parts require fine adjustments to critical tolerances to compensate for settling, wear and tear, to leather, cloth, and felt in addition to wood warping from changes in relative humidity. Keeping your piano in-tune is only part of a good maintenance program. Your piano will also need to be regulated back to factory specs if you desire to maintain the touch and feel of the piano. Controlling temperature and relative humidity is essential to extend the enjoyment and life of a piano. Call (208) 932-3541 to learn more about Dampp-Chaser's Piano Life Saver System.

Control piano humidity to prevent damage to piano keys, soundboard, tuning pins, pinblock, loose action screws, delaminate pinblock and bridge.


  • Petrof company recommends the Dampp-Chaser System with Petrof Pianos to enhance tuning and regulation stability, especially those pianos placed in areas that are subject to great air humidity changes or to extreme high or extreme low humidity levels. Without such a system, it is very difficult to control the air humidity in the immediate vicinity of the piano. -- Zuzana Ceralov√° Petrofav√°
  • The Piano Life Saver helps to preserve the outstanding sound, fine touch and unique expressiveness of Sauter handcrafted pianos.- -Ulrich Sauter