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Piano Humidity Control | Wood

When it comes to the expansion and contraction of wood...expect the unexpected. Dried wood reaches equilibrium where it picks up and gives off moisture in the air at an equal rate. Increasing the relative humidity around wood changes the equilibrium of wood, which in turn affects shape and properties of the wood. Wood will not expand and contract at the same rate. The cut direction, radial or tangental, early wood vs. late wood affects how wood will shrink or expand. This creates tuning instability, loose tuning pins, loose action screws, constant change in Damper action, inconsistant damper control, delaminate bridge, stress on soundboards, bridges, tuning pins, and sticky sluggish keys.

Control piano humidity to prevent damage to soundboard, tuning pins, pinblock, loose action screws, delaminate pinblock and bridge.


  • The Piano Life Saver System should be included in the pianist's arsenal to combat damaging humidity extremes.--Mason & Hamlin

  • Dampp-Chaser humidity control systems are the best and most carefully designed systems we have seen. --Kawai