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Piano Humidity Control | Pinblock

Changes in relative humidity around a piano will affect virtually all the parts of a piano including the pinblock. Since the tuning pins rely on the friction between the pin and pinblock, the health of the pinblock means the difference of if a piano can be tuned or not. A brand new piano tuning pins can be very tight and read 180 to 200 inch pounds, however, pianos are normally 95 to 140 inch pounds. Below 50 to 60 inch pounds, steps need to be taken to increase friction between the tuning pin and pinblock including shim the tuning pin, install new larger tuning pins, or treat the pinblock with CA glue. If the pinblock is cracked or delaminated, it will need to be replaced.

Control piano humidity to prevent damage to soundboard, tuning pins, pinblock, loose action screws, delaminate pinblock and bridge.


  • The Piano Life Saver System should be included in the pianist's arsenal to combat damaging humidity extremes.--Mason & Hamlin

  • Dampp-Chaser humidity control systems are the best and most carefully designed systems we have seen. --Kawai